What can PowerHouse Solutions do for you and your Real Estate services?

PowerHouse Solutions offers a fully customized platform for Law Firms, Title Companies, Mortgage Brokers and Originators.

Whether you are a Law Firm, Title Company, Mortgage Broker, or Mortgage Origination - with PowerHouse Solutions, your entire workflow and closing process is customized for your own preferences. Our team will work directly with your operations team to develop the best workflow possible to help you maximize your efficiency.

Client Intake

The process of Client Intake can be time intensive and tedious work. No longer does that have to be! PowerHouse Solutions simplifies the process with Online Scheduling, Auto-Generation of Intake Documents and built-in Electronic Signature abilities.

Title Searching

Whether you are your own searcher or you have outside help with searching and abstracting, PowerHouse Solutions makes the Title Search process easier by giving you a streamlined workflow that includes document uploading, notes, and client confirmation of the necessary data. Do you prefer to have documents uploaded separately or batch processed? PowerHouse Solutions can accommodate both.

Title Insurance

For Law Firms: Ordering Title Insurance has never been easier! Once your Title Search findings and Title Order information has been inputted, simply one click will send your order along with access to the entire Title Search documents. Connect directly with Electronic Recording and Title Insurance Providers to make the process even more streamlined! PowerHouse Solutions makes it possible to generate One-Click Finals!

For Title Companies: Generating Commitments can now be the easiest task within your office! Once the Title Search Data is inputted just one click completes the job of generating the Commitment. Pre-saved workflows is the secret to success!

Title-Companies in Attorney-Closing States: Enjoy the streamlined benefit of direct access to all Title Search Docs within the Attorney’s file and have direct access to make request, send correspondences and confirm the necessary data to have the policies finalized.

Mortgage Lenders

PowerHouse Solutions offers streamlined ability to underwrite, generate, and execute all Loan Documents necessary starting with your GFE all the way through Investor Review. Link directly with the Settlement Agent to provide flawless correspondence and document creation to alleviate any and all post-closing potential pitfalls.

The Closing

By the team you reach Settlement and Closing, PowerHouse Solutions is there to streamline you through to the finish. Direct connection with E-Recording Platforms, Shipping Carriers, as well as your financial ledgers – with 3 Way Reconciliation Abilities – Closing a transaction has never been easier!

PowerHouse Solutions Features:

  • Template Workflows
  • Document Creation & Electronic Execution Abilities
  • Ability to Add 3rd Party Vendors as Users w/in your Firm to Provide Streamlined Access
  • E-Recording, Shipping, and other 3rd Party Tools embedded directly in PowerHouse Solutions for convenience and efficiency
  • Many more!


Startup Fee – Contact Us to discuss what the onboarding fee would be for you and your team

Monthly User Fee (Prices Shown Per User):

  • 1 – 10 Users: $250/month
  • 10 – 100 Users: $350/month
  • 100+ Users: Contact Us to Discuss Pricing

Contact Us Today to Inquire About Starting Your PowerHouse Solutions Account

Note: Some PowerHouse Solutions features require account with third party vendors with which the customer is responsible for obtaining any such accounts. Payments toward PowerHouse Solutions does not apply toward those third party vendors.






Customized Workflow

Every transaction has a starting point but what happens once it begins is up to you. PowerHouse Solutions is designed around adapting to the flow and style that fits best with your office. We help you design and organize the workflow that will enable your office to run at maximum efficiency.



Depending on the type of clients and level of sophistication you feel is appropriate to protect your client’s data, PowerHouse Solutions gives you the options in meeting your security needs. Two-way authentication, custom pins, and tokens are just some of the options that help ensure your data is secure. Prefer cloud based storage over local drive? PowerHouse Solutions helps you connect, securely.



Regardless of platform or device, PowerHouse Solutions allows all of your clients and users to access their information each stage of the transaction. No need to download an app because an internet connection is all that is required.