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Note: If you need to reschedule an already scheduled transaction,
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You are selecting for the Settlement to occur at our office. Our office address is: 16745 Birkdale Commons Pkwy #C, Huntersville, NC 28078

By selecting a Mail Away Closing you are saying that you do not plan on meeting with our staff for Settlement. We will provide the necessary closing documents either electronically or via shipping service.

For Loan Transactions: Please schedule for the date the Buyer(s) wish to sign. Our firm will record the transaction the following business day upon receipt of the executed documents.
For Cash Transactions: The only document the Buyer(s) will need to sign is the HUD, and they may e-sign this form.
For Seller Side Only Transactions: Please schedule for a week prior to the date the Buyer(s) are scheduled to sign to allow sufficient time for our firm to send executed documents to the Buyer(s)’ Attorney for recording.

We are happy to meet at a place that is convenient for you! Please provide the address you would like to us to meet for Settlement. Keep in mind that we only offer mobile closings within the counties that we serve. We currently serve: Mecklenburg, Iredell, Cabarrus, Gaston, Lincoln, Catawba, and Union counties

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Note:Seller signing in person must be scheduled at least one business day before the Settlement. Seller signing via Mail Away must be scheduled at least one week before the Settlement. This is so that we have time to provide the original executed documents to the Buyers’ Attorney. Failure to schedule with enough time to provide the original documents to the Buyers' Attorney may result in a delay of your Closing.
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